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STAR TSP143LAN Black Thermal Network Printer from STAR - iOS Compatible

STAR TSP143LAN Black Thermal Network Printer from STAR - iOS Compatible

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STAR TSP143III LAN Thermal receipt Printer

The Star TSP100ECO receipt printer is the green option for businesses wanting to minimize their ecological impact while still ringing up customers at a reliable pace. A fantastic merger of competitive performance and ecological sound design, the TSP100ECO is a great way to not only help the environment, but limit your electrical and media bills.

The TSP100ECO was designed without a power button, only turning on if it receives a signal from the PC, eliminating waste from accidentally leaving it on overnight. In between print jobs, the receipt printer will switch to a low power hibernate mode, giving you a net power savings of up to 40% compared to similar printers.

Paper use is also minimized with the TSP100ECO. The receipt printer is the only on the market to have a minimum top margin of 3mm, while competitors hover around 11mm. An 8mm saving per receipt adds up fast. With an optional insert, you can modify the TSP100ECO to print to 58mm wide paper, instead of the standard 80mm, and Star’s futurePRNT software will convert the receipts with no POS software configuration necessary. In all, you could see paper use cut by up to 70%!

With the TSP100ECO, you get all these savings, and no sacrifice to performance. The printer runs at a snappy 5.9″ per second, pretty standard for most receipt printers. A thermal printhead life of 62.1 miles printed and auto cutter rated at 1 million cuts ensures this printer will minimize your ecological impact for quite some time. For the best total cost of ownership, both monetarily and ecologically, the Star TSP100ECO is the receipt printer for you.


• Fully Energy Star Qualified
• Cables and drivers included in box
• 5.9″ per second print speed
• Two color printing compatible
• Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000; Mac OS X, Linux, Java POS, OPOS
• Star ECO Impact Analysis Tool quantifies your environmental savings
• Plastic body made from halogen-free recycled plastic


Warranty 1Year
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